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Para-dox was started in 2018 by Ed Spencer to provide a unique and transparent outsourced paraplanning solution.

After working as a Paraplanner in employed roles for over 8 years, Ed felt that the industry needed an outsourced Paraplanning service with a different approach, incorporating three key areas:




A competitive, fixed-price charging structure.


Efficient turnaround times without compromising on quality; on average, we maintain a 3 to 4 working day turnaround time for existing clients. 


Offering a pay-as-you-go service to provide optimum flexibility for regular and intermittent usage.  

On behalf of Darren, Michael and I we would like to thank you for your paraplanning support to date.  We have all been impressed by your work and more importantly, your knowledge. We also liked the way you listened to what we needed and came back with bespoke arrangements, this was very flexible and cost-effective. We have no hesitations in recommending you to other firms.  If you ever feel it’s needed, please give my number to future prospects and I will happily provide a reference.
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Outsourced Paraplanning UK

Leave your paraplanning requirements to the experts, so you can concentrate on improving other streams of revenue for your company. Para-dox Paraplanning provides outsourced paraplanning to a wide variety of businesses and advisors throughout England, Wales, and Scotland. Executed by a team of vastly experienced paraplanners, the service is tailored to meet the clients’ needs and objectives and can range from a basic service to a fully bespoke, technical service. We carry out all types of report writing and research, specialising in technical and complex paraplanning solutions. Outsourced paraplanning isn’t a set of clearly defined tasks, it is the technical side of the financial planning coin, with the advisor being client facing side of the coin. Our aim is to work in partnership to deliver great client results. We endeavour to work with people who understand the value in what we have to offer. As your chosen outsourced paraplanner, we help you spare up your time to focus on winning business and maintaining close relationships with your existing client base.

More and more businesses are outsourcing their paraplanning in the UK for several reasons. The cost of recruiting a trained paraplanner can be very expensive to name one. If a business were to decide that they wanted to train an existing member of staff to become a paraplanner then it would be a very time-consuming task, not just for the training element, but also the software and equipment required to undertake the role. Para-dox Paraplanning has a strong belief that we can make you significant cost savings, whether you engage us on a retained basis or instruct us on a report-by-report basis. Every part of our outsourced paraplanning UK service is delivered by an experienced paraplanner. This ensures a consistently high standard is achieved throughout the service. Where required, we will deliver a custom approach to meet your individual needs.

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Outsourced Paraplanning UK

So, what is outsourcing paraplanning and why is it so popular in the UK? Paraplanning has been recognised as a legitimate business strategy since the late 1980’s and has since grown in popularity for financial advisors and others in similar fields. Outsourced paraplanning is a strategy of contracting out some of the services that would be traditionally carried out in-house with the aim of cutting costs and improving the overall business efficiency. It allows your staff’s energy to be placed directly with the client to sustain a strong relationship. Outsourcing work may seem alien to some, but we don’t realise how much of it we do already. Many of us use an accountant to take care of our bookkeeping, VAT returns and tax returns, or pay a monthly subscription for an accounting software that magically reconciles bank statements, and with the touch of a button produces fancy graphs covering just about any aspect of our business. Theoretically, we could do all of this ourselves, just give us a spreadsheet and some tutorial videos and it would be done. However, we don’t usually have a few fortnights to complete all this information.

Outsourced paraplanning is a perfect solution when you want to spend more time with existing clients or build relationships with potential new clients. If you experience different levels of work, outsourcing paraplanning is the ultimate answer. Rather than paying someone a fulltime salary when the workload is minimal, then watching them crumble under pressure when the workload doubles, why not pay a bit less when there’s less to do and bit more when business is flowing nicely. Another great reason to outsource paraplanning in the UK is to provide consistency to your clients. What if your in-house paraplanner was suddenly not long available? How quickly could you find a replacement? We have always got fully trained paraplanners available to help and support you when you need it. We also work on the same platform as one another to ensure consistency. While you will always be our most important client, so are all our clients. We work to realistic timescales and stick to agreed deadlines. For more information about our outsourced paraplanning services in the UK, please use our contact page and an experienced member of our team will be in touch.

Outsourced Paraplanning UK